Established in Dubai during 1984, TTS boasts its capability as “home grown” product attracting independent and international clientele operating in Dubai. Additionally, although at times as seen recently during 2020 the major market fluctuation led TTS to “rethink’ its current position and are delighted to have retained a comparable level of experienced staff resource to deliver current projects and secure new projects with existing clients.

The plan is to secure another four decades principally servicing our clients and developing as they develop consistently through all spheres of the business environment. Despite being well known for its Cost Consultancy role in the expansion of Dubai and Dubai World Central Airports TTS has a multitude of experience across all sectors of the construction industry irrespective of project magnitude.

TTS has provided consultancy services for some of the most prestigious and key developments in Dubai as well as providing advice and actions to help resolve many complex and problematic contracts where considerable difficulties have arisen. TTS's history of such uninhibited in-depth experience localknowledge and understanding of requirements and procedures is that which separates us from the competition.